Activities in 2016

Dengue menace awareness and shramadana at Rahmaniya Nagar

Donation of wall fan for the Kinnya base hospital during dengue outbreak

Supply of water connection equipment’s to the Kinniya base hospital

Donated funds for travelling for Pioneers sports club for visiting Jaffna

Donated furnitures and study materials for private tutorial center facilitated by Kinniya Jaya sports club

Donated welding plant to a youth to engage in self employment

Issued learning materials for Muthur and Irakkakandy students

Supported funding for the Annual prize day of Zaima Pre-school in Kinniya

Supported funding for the Annual prize day of Mahamaaru Pre-School in Mahamaru, Kinniya

Donated exercise books to the O/L Students of Kinniya Al-Athan vidyalayam

Supported building materials to a disabled girl’s housing construction in Thuwaramkulam in Kinniya

Facilitated the inauguration of the Kinniya English Teachers association

Co-sponsored the International Teachers day event in Kinniya