Education Support


Our Focal Areas

Benchmark one: Community Literacy development.

 As an organization that mobilizes people support to community learning we believe that rural education structure are a vital for community literacy development. We create those community mechanism in order to identify children and youth who are in needs for support. We respond to the broader area for community education needs starting from early child education to special tertiary education youth and adults since 2016. Our resources are widely spared in supporting youth and children with substantial scholarship programs. This initiative we believe has changed the lives of many children in the rural outsets of eastern province of Sri-Lanka

Our flagship project of benchmark one

  1. Operation girl child – supporting girl children from early child to secondary education
  2. Rural technical skills for enterprises development- inputs for managing small scale enterprises
  3. Education seminars
  4. Global innovation program- under this project Ameen Foundation we establish we first ever knowledge hub.